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Printing press. Python Gutenberg E-text Project


The PyGE Project aims to provide free cross-platform desktop applications that can help in making the extensive and growing collection of classical literary works from Project Gutenberg more accessible to the typical computer user.


PyGE applications are designed with simple, easy-to-use graphical interfaces. They are targeted for performing a small but essential set of functions related to acquiring and viewing e-texts from Project Gutenberg. The suite of PyGE applications currently includes:

  1. PyGETS (PyGE Transfer and Search) (screenshot)
    • Shows all available Project Gutenberg e-text files.
    • Allows searching for e-texts matching author, title, release year, and file type criteria.
    • Performs downloading of selected files from Project Gutenberg archives.
    • Creates index file of e-text author names and titles for use by PyGERS.
  2. PyGEMZ (PyGE Make Ztxt) (screenshot)
    • Formats Project Gutenberg text files for reading with PyGERS.
    • Creates e-text files compatible with desktop apps and Palm PDA devices.
    • Supports automated bookmark generation.
  3. PyGERS (PyGE Read and Speak) (screenshot)
    • Displays e-texts with fully customizable fonts and colors.
    • Offers easy page-oriented e-text navigation.
    • Allows viewing and editing bookmarks and annotations.
    • Enables speech output with supported optional voice synthesis software.


PyGE software is currently distributed in two formats: text source files for all supported platforms, and binary executables for machines running versions of Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Source file distributions

The requirements for running PyGE software from a source distribution are the same on all platforms. The user must first ensure there are working installations of the following software:

Binary executable distributions

Binary executable versions of PyGE software for Windows require a working installation of Microsoft Windows 98 or later.

Binary executable versions for Linux require that GTK run-time libraries be properly installed. Users of the Gnome desktop meet this requirement. Users of the KDE desktop may have to verify that libraries have also been installed for running GTK-based applications.

Optional speech synthesis software (all distributions)

The PyGERS application supports text-to-speech functions on systems with supported speech synthesis software installed. The following speech synthesis components are currently supported.

  1. Windows
  2. Linux/Unix